This is a spoiler-free review for all 10 episodes of GLOW: Season 2 – every episode is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back for another triumphant team-up, trying to capitalize on their cult following as a local San Fernando Valley ’80s TV oddity and transform into something thriving and meaningful.

And while this bodacious band of misfits, hailing from all walks of life, attempts to turn a shoddy and lovable wrestling/variety act into a successful venture, the series itself continues its wonderful winning streak as a totally addictive, utterly consumable, dramedy.

GLOW is one of Netflix’s best offerings.

It’s not overlong (10 episodes at around 30 mins each), it doesn’t feel like one long movie (there are actual memorable, themed episodes), and it makes for a dynamite binge. Though serialized, GLOW isn’t cruelly so. It’s all one story, but it’s framed and presented in polished, palatable package so that you want to keep eating the popcorn, watching the next chapter. And tonally, it’s terrific. Sometimes the comedy carries the weight, sometimes the drama, and they’re never forced to wrestle for full control. Like an actual well-booked wrestling card, there’s something for everyone.

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Source: GLOW Season 2 Review: One of Netflix's Best Offerings Yet