If you’re going to play a game with rocket-powered soccer cars, you might as well throw dinosaurs into the mix, after all. The new Jurassic World Rocket League DLC features an assortment of items you can pick up to customize your favorite rides in the game. Just in time for Jurassic World: Evolution, your Rocket League games are about to be totally lit, at least if you think dino-related items are lit, and they totally are.

What does the pack include? The classic Jeep Wrangler, with Jurassic Park and Jurassic World decals, three player banners, a new themed topper, three antennas, and the coolest part yet: a T-rex goal celebration that includes an explosion. Yes, a T-rex and an explosion. Could this set get any more awesome? Probably not, especially not for a paltry $1.99.

You can pick all these goodies up today, and turn your Rocket League games into an explosive celebration of all things Jurassic Park. And if you thought a Jeep couldn’t look cool, just wait until you get it into the game. You’ll see, then. You’ll all see!

Source: Shacknews Go Wild for New Jurassic World Car Pack, Available Now in Rocket League