There’s a lot of appeal to the idea of a top-down action RPG that lets you blast your way through the Warhammer 40K universe as a power-armored behemoth, a deadly assassin, or a devastatingly powerful psychic. Unfortunately, Inquisitor – Martyr’s repetitive combat and bizarre itemization leave a lot of that potential squandered. It’s far from being a disaster, with a cool story and plenty of single- and multiplayer modes to be had, but manages to fall well short of most other contenders in the Diablo-like subgenre.

The story puts you into the morally questionable jackboots of an Inquisitor: an elite agent of the Imperium of Man whose job is to track down and eliminate cultists, heretics, and aliens who oppose the God-Emperor’s rule. Each of the three potential Inquisitors has a unique voice and personality brought to life by voice actors who aren’t afraid to ham it up in true 40K fashion, and seem to be having a good time doing it. Even the supporting cast has dialogue that’s well-written and well-acted, even if they’re a bit two-dimensional in terms of characterization.

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Source: Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr Review