As The Incredibles 2 finally arrives, we thought it was time once again to take a look at a collection of sequels, of Part 2s, that took a hella long time to come out.

Attempting to resurrect yesteryear classics and create lighting in a bottle twice isn’t a new trend. It’s been going on a long time — even before the cinematic landscape was filled with franchises and movies designed, from the get go, to be the first entry of a quadrilogy.¬†Even on TV, shows like Twin Peaks, Full House, X-Files, and Gilmore Girls are being “revived” more than a decade (or decades) later in order to recapture some of the original magic. But we’re talkin’ movies here, so let’s not clutter up the rec room. Also, we’re specifically focusing on the second installments, the Part Twos, so you won’t find films in here like seventh installment Force Awakens or the regrettable-in-retrospect fourth Indiana Jones flick Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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Source: 13 Movie Sequels That Took Forever