Gamers have been treated to more Anthem details at E3 2018, from fresh gameplay to a snazzy new trailer. Aside from asking questions about what players can do in-game, the main question floating around is, “what song is playing in the Anthem trailer?”

The name of the song, and the band who plays it, is no doubt on the tip of your tongue, but just in case it’s not coming to you, the song in question is: Uprising by Muse. The song was released back on August 4, 2009, meaning it’s almost a decade old these days. If the trailer doesn’t include enough of the sweet tune for your playlist, here’s the full song:

Beyond a sweet new trailer, Anthem also received a release date at E3 2018 during the EA Play event.

Source: Shacknews What Song is Playing in the Anthem Trailer?