At first glance, Jupiter Jet may seem like just another superhero book in an industry that has far too much of that already. But with a premise that combines equal parts The Rocketeer and Robin Hood and throws in a healthy dose of steampunk sci-fi to boot, this series has little trouble standing out from the crowd in the end. The fact that it also happens to be very all-ages friendly is just one more point in its favor.

Jupiter Jet is, among other things, a strong showcase for how to world-build without losing sight of the narrative. The first issue introduces a well-realized, retro-futuristic world without beating readers over the head in an attempt to establish that world and its history. Writers Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria-Robinson are content to drop readers into the story and let the rest handle itself over time. The dynamic between teen heroine Jacky and her brother is charming, with their tenuous financial state giving the story plenty of weight and a clear sense of stakes. Jacky isn’t just a freedom fighter trying to save her city, she’s also an orphan doing her best to care for her family in a world that never quite seemed to escape the Great Depression.

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Source: Jupiter Jet Offers High-Flying Fun