Judging by the box office receipts, most of you haven’t seen Solo: A Star Wars Story yet. That means you have money to spare! A good way to spend those dollars is by wearing Kylo Ren’s helmet on your feet. I know this sounds absurd, but seeing is believing, people!


These high-top sneakers are created by Po-Zu, and are slated to ship from the shoemaker’s UK warehouse in August. How much will it cost to wear two Kylo Ren masks? Po-Zu is selling them for £69.00 (which translates to rough $92).


If you want to express your Star Wars love as much as possible, but don’t want someone’s head on your feet, Po-Zu is also selling a subdued Han Solo sneaker for the same price.

Source: Game Informer You Know You Want These Kylo Ren Sneakers