This year’s Summer Gaming Sale is now live over at GOG, featuring well over 1000 games, up to 90 per cent off the range and the chance of getting some extra games added when you spend over certain amounts.

Spend £3.59 or more and you’ll get a copy of Sunless Sea added to your library at no extra cost. Spend £14.19 or more and you’ll also get a copy of Rime, which is nice. In addition to that loveliness, for the next 48 hours you can get a free copy of Xenonauts, a top-down strategy game that’ll be a great addition to any die-hard fans of the XCOM games.

Better still, the folks from GOG got in touch with Eurogamer a little while ago and asked us to pick a few of our favourite games to add to our very own dedicated page as a part of GOG’s Summer Sale. You can find our own choices for games you should play over at the Eurogamer Collection page.

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Source: Eurogamer GOG's Summer Sale is now live with up to 90% off and a free game