OtherSide Entertainment has released a new trailer for Underworld Ascendant, highlighting the flexible systems that players will have at their disposal. In the immersive sim, a spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld, players have a dizzying array of options for burning, flattening, and destroying their enemies.

Improvisation is a key part of the game's dungeon crawling, and players who pay attention to their surroundings will be rewarded for being perceptive. Take a look at the clip below to see how enemies and environments can be tackled using what's nearby – whether it's using a brazier to set an arrow alight, cutting a rope to squash goblins, or, well, finding plenty of other ways to squash goblins.

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Look for Underworld Ascendant on PC later this year. For more on the game, take a look at our recent preview.

Source: Game Informer New Underworld Ascendant Trailer Highlights Player Improvisation