Monster Hunter World is now home to a new Elder Dragon, in the form of Lunastra, the Empress of Flame.

Lunastra is an old-favourite in the Monster Hunter universe and the female counterpart to Elder Dragon Teostra, who’s been in World since launch. Lunastra takes things up a notch, however, and Capcom notes that “her capacity to alter the environment around her is unmatched. Stay awake and alert to her burning blue fire at all times if you want to survive.” Cool drinks might be wise.

Notably, Lunastra is the first creature in Monster Hunter World that’s able to bond with another to perform more advanced moves. Lunastra can join forces with Teostra in order to unleash particularly devastating attacks, and “you’ll want to get a full hunting party stocked up on Lifepowders if you want to stand a chance against this power couple”, says Capcom.

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Source: Eurogamer You can now battle new Elder Dragon Lunastra in Monster Hunter World