Octopath Traveler – then titled simply “Project Octopath Traveler” – had me at hello.

The art style of Square Enix’s RPG boldly asked – and answered – the question, “What if 16-bit graphics were dynamically lit with volumetric fog?” When the surprise playable demo dropped onto the Nintendo eShop last fall, I was pleased to see that the gameplay lived up to the uniquely impressive visuals. Now, as the July release nears, I played another 30 minutes of the octo-heroed RPG and its Bravely Default-esque turn-based combat system and once again came away very impressed.

This was my first introduction to Cyrus the Scholar, who joins Primrose the Dancer and Olberic the Warrior as the characters we’ve seen so far. Cyrus is a bit…self-confident, proudly boasting about himself in his conversations. He used to be an instructor at an academy but he got fired. His overarching goal is to try and find a missing tome. His action path is Scrutinize, which lets him get extra information, such as rumors, from conversations with people. (Olberic’s is Challenge, if you’ll recall from the demo, which let him challenge anyone, even townsfolk, to a fight.)

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Source: IGN.com Octopath Traveler: On the Town With Cyrus the Smooth-Talking Scholar