Rockstar has announced a trio of classic Xbox 360 games getting backward compatibility next week; as of June 7th, GTA San Andreas, Midnight Club LA, and Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis will be playable on Xbox One.

GTA San Andreas, as if it needs much of an introduction, was Rockstar’s follow-up to the wonderful Vice City, and took the series in a slightly grittier direction. It’s an absolutely vast experience, and was an especially astonishing achievement at the time of its PS2 release in 2004. It lunges from the urban sprawl of Los Santos to the surrounding countryside and back again, mixing automotive crime capering with everything from territory occupations to dating.

“All round it’s still an incredible achievement for Rockstar, and it deserves all the success it’s sure to get,” said Eurogamer’s 9/10 review, “but like a band at the peak of its powers […] less often turns out to be more. There may be some classic moments on it, but you have to wade through the self-indulgent bits first, and for all San Andreas’ pomp and ambition it’s not a Be Here Now, but it’s almost certainly Rockstar’s White Album.”

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Source: Eurogamer GTA San Andreas, Rockstar Table Tennis get Xbox One backward compatibility next week