Frontier Developments has announced that space sim Elite Dangerous’ next big update, known as Beyond – Chapter Two, will arrive on June 28th.

This new free update, which launches simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, is the second instalment in Beyond, Elite Dangerous’ third season. Beyond is a bit different to previous seasons in that it’s less concerned with introducing massive game-changing features, and more about offering much-needed and long-overdue quality of life improvements to the core Elite experience.

Beyond – Chapter One, for instance, which released back in February, overhauled Elite’s crime and punishment system, in order to make the game generally more welcoming for new players. It also made long-requested changes to Engineers, improved trading, and added the brilliant Galnet Audio feature, multi-crew Wing Missions, and more.

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Source: Eurogamer Elite Dangerous' next big update arrives at the end of June