There’s a spectrum with games about knights and vikings regarding how much they lean into the popular perception of history rather than the reality. Ancestors Legacy definitely falls on the end that would make Braveheart seem like a PBS documentary, with Norse warriors screaming about Valhalla and how much fun it is to slaughter peasants. While it may not live up to its claims of being a “historically accurate” depiction of the “harsh, brutal times” of the Medieval era, it is a reasonably entertaining, squad-based RTS.

The bread and butter of its six historically-inspired campaigns, multiplayer, and skirmish versus AI modes is a familiar and well-designed throwback to RTS classics. You build a main base that produces units while capturing and fortifying smaller villages that generate resources around the detailed, tactically interesting maps. Units are organized into squads of five to ten, creating a level of intimacy that reminded me a lot of Company of Heroes in mostly positive ways.

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Source: Ancestors Legacy Review