UPDATE: And it’s official. Team Sonic Racing is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One this winter, with Sumo Digital focussing on the Sonic universe in a racer that places an emphasis on playing as a team. It’ll support 12 players online with four-player splitscreen on all formats, and will also feature customisation, Wisps borrowed from Sonic Colours that enable power-ups and an Adventure Mode for a single-player experience. 15 characters will be present at launch, and you’ll be working in tandem with your team to win events. We’ll have a little more in the not-too-distant future, but for now sate yourself with this announcement trailer.

ORIGINAL STORY: Walmart has let slip Sega’s new Switch game Team Sonic Racing, posting box art and screenshots online (via Resetera).

The product listing – provided by the video gaming version of Varys, Nibellion – touts 12-player online and four-player offline, split-screen multiplayer; a story mode; 15 playable characters separated into three classes (speed, technique, power); team racing with special team moves; and all the power-ups and car customisation you may already expect.

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Source: Eurogamer Walmart leaks Switch game Team Sonic Racing