Sega has just updated its retro gaming collection, Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics, on Steam, introducing a host of welcome new features – including two-player online multiplayer and, rather wonderfully, VR support.

VR support places you directly into the collection’s hub area – which, in a delightful flourish of nostalgia-baiting, is designed to resemble a teenager’s bedroom from the 90s. So now you can strap on your VR headset and flop down in front of the chunky old CRT to play some 16-bit gems, as if the decades never ticked by, the crushing weight of adult responsibility never stamped out your youthful vigour, and Sonic’s legacy remained pristine.

Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics’ full list of new features is surprisingly extensive, and brings the Steam version inline feature-wise with the newly released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions – although VR support is PC-only for now.

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Source: Eurogamer Sega Mega Drive Classics' new Steam VR support puts you back in the 90s