Rare’s first big content update for Sea of Thieves, The Hungering Deep, is here, and available to download on Xbox One and PC now.

The Hungering Deep is, by Rare’s own admission, the smallest of the six Sea of Thieves content updates planned throughout 2018. It still offers a decent amount of stuff, however, including a major new AI threat, new tools to facilitate more varied interactions between crews, new cosmetics, a new instrument, and an intriguing, if brisk, new campaign quest binding the whole thing together.

The flagship new feature of The Hungering Deep is undoubtedly the new AI threat. At this point – given the plethora of pre-release teases and blatant iconography surrounding the update’s launch – it’s probably not a spoiler to suggest that it’s very much on the enormous shark side of things, albeit with a somewhat fantastical Sea of Thieves twist.

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Source: Eurogamer Sea of Thieves' first big content update, The Hungering Deep, is here