EA’s video, posted on Wednesday to announce the upcoming World War 2-based Battlefield V, began with an unexpected disclaimer: ‘No weapon, gear or vehicle manufacturer is affiliated with or has sponsored or endorsed this game.’

The publisher, like many that create military-themed games, has in the past worked with arms and vehicle manufacturers to include licensed products in its games. In 2012 EA hosted links to the websites of companies that sell and make assault weapons and tactical gear on the Medal of Honor Warfighter website, and sold a limited edition Medal of Honor-themed tomahawk as part of a charity drive to raise money for veterans and their families.

In 2013 EA formally announced that the company would no longer be working with arms manufacturers, following an investigation into the use of gun licensing by video game companies published by Eurogamer. In that report an employee for Barrett, the American manufacturer of the M82 sniper rifle, admitted the company had licensing agreements in place with various game publishers at the time, including with Activision, creator of the Call of Duty series.

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Source: Eurogamer What's behind that disclaimer at the start of Battlefield V's new trailer?