Some things in life are so innately delightful that I just can’t spend enough time thinking about them. Leaf blowers! Tennis ball lobbers! The little motorised food lanes you get at sushi restaurants. This last one, gloriously, has been the key inspiration for Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, a puzzle-battler that it’s been hard to ignore since its hectic singalong trailer erupted onto Youtube a while back. I’m playing through the game’s opening chapters right now – we’ll have a review up soonish – and the whole thing is a treat. Sushi Striker does sushi proud, certainly, but it also does those motorised food lanes sushi likes to live on proud too. Hooray!

There is, inevitably, a story, and it’s suitably goofy. The empire, right? They want all the sushi for themselves. The republic? They want sushi for everyone. Cue a delicious war, which the empire win and which appears to have claimed the parents of Musashi, Sushi Striker’s protagonist. No matter! Because it turns out that Musashi is a natural with sushi striking – the fine and ancient art of eating sushi and then lobbing the plates at someone you don’t care for. Pretty soon Musashi has a sushi sprite, which is a little creature cut from Pokemon cloth, to take into battle with them and things start to get gloriously nutty.

The game unfolds as a series of battles, and the basics initially seem a little too simple for their own good. Three lanes of plates zip past you and it’s your job to link plates of the same colour together to then chuck at your enemy. All the while, they’re doing the same thing.

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Source: Eurogamer Chaos and tactics make for a tasty blend in Sushi Striker