Not to be outdone by Microsoft’s range of Xbox Deals with Gold, PlayStation has come out swinging this week with a brand-new ‘save up to 60 per cent’ promotion, kicking off today and featuring a wide variety of titles.

As that banner image may have given away, the range includes The Division (£11.99), Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (£8.99), and Middle-earth: Shadow of War (£29.99), among others.

While PES 2018 for £9 is one of the biggest price drops (and perhaps the most eyebrow-raising), as the headline suggests Mass Effect Andromeda has hit a new cheapest ever price – that of just £6.49 for the standard edition. Maybe that’s a low enough price for you to try it out now? Maybe?

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Source: Eurogamer Mass Effect Andromeda down to £6.49 in this week's PSN sale