Epic Games is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of its seminal first-person shooter Unreal – and you can get it for free on Steam and GOG while the party lasts.

Unreal, if you’re unfamiliar, launched in 1998, and was the very first game to be released using Epic’s cutting edge Unreal engine – the same engine that, some two decades and four major iterations later, is powering the likes of Epic’s own battle royale juggernaut Fortnite, as well as Sea of Thieves’ glorious waters.

The original Unreal was quite a revelation at the time, particularly on the visual front – the gaming world hadn’t seen anything quite like Unreal’s striking landscapes, vibrant skyboxes, dazzling lighting, rich textures, and evocative medieval-sci-fi architecture before. Look!

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Source: Eurogamer Epic Games' classic first-person shooter Unreal is free right now