Guns Akimbo Review: Daniel Radcliffe's Crazy New Action Movie

Since setting down his wand for the last time, Daniel Radcliffe has been challenging himself with a series of surprising movie choices, tackling horror (Horns), thriller (Imperium), drama (Kill Your Darlings) and avant-garde indie (Swiss Army Man). In his hyper-violent new film, Guns Akimbo, Radcliffe reinvents himself as an action star, albeit an unlikely one. Guns Akimbo casts him very much against type, but the gamble pays off, with Radcliffe a likable lead in this high-octane assault on the senses that plays like a cross between Crank and The Truman Show. It is as bonkers as that sounds.

The film kicks off with some heavy exposition – told at breakneck speed – about Skizm, a reality show that streams online, and pits “psychos, weirdos and criminals” against each other in a brutal battle to the death. It’s far from an original concept, with The Running Man, Battle Royale, Series 7, Gamer, Death Race, and The Hunger Games all mining similar territory. But Guns Akimbo is shot and played with such commitment and energy that it’s a welcome addition to the twisted sub-genre.

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Source: Guns Akimbo Review: Daniel Radcliffe's Crazy New Action Movie