Rage 2 Final Preview – IGN First

Above anything else, Rage 2 is about having fun. Sure, pretty much all games are in one way or another, but this one is fundamentally built around empowering you to enjoy yourself. Its creative weaponry, the carnage of its combo system, and the freedom of its open world give you loads of options and then get out of your way. And while the extent of that world and the quality of the story in it remain to be seen, boy was it sure fun to be in.

I had the pleasure of running around Rage 2’s wasteland for a couple of hours last week, and I’m happy to say that a massive part of what actually made it so enjoyable was is its guns. While Avalanche Studios of Just Cause fame is the main developer behind it and that influence comes through loud and clear, the gunplay also feels punchy and fast in the way you’d hope from a modern id Software game, with slick movements abilities like an omnidirectional dash to play with.

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Source: IGN.com Rage 2 Final Preview – IGN First